7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: Enterprise Modeling


Trend #4: Modeling is the top initiative

Earlier this year, we polled 252 financial and accounting decision makers to determine what major trends they see emerging that will affect the corporate finance function.  In this seven-part blog series, we'll examine each of these developments.

Big changes in where finance focuses are being driven by the data and functionality now available via newer technologies. In the past, finance initiatives were more focused on improving processes or new approaches to planning. These have given way to modeling and predictive analytics for nearly half of the respondents in this survey.

4-Top-initiatives-for-finance.pngAgain, responses varied by company size. Larger companies are focused on modeling, score carding, and zero-based budgeting, while medium-sized companies focus more on predictive analytics, transforming finance, and big data.

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Check back next week for the next of the seven trends.

Posted by on October 7, 2016
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