Adaptive Biotechnologies Escapes the Pains of Excel with Cloud EPM


Adaptive Biotechnologies is the industry leader when it comes to combining high-throughput sequencing with top-notch bioinformatics in order to profile T-cell and B-cell receptors.

Known for accuracy and sensitivity, Adaptive Biotechnologies' immunosequencing platform is being leveraged in labs and hospitals around the world for cutting-edge research, better diagnostics, and improved therapeutics. Adaptive Biotechnologies recently implemented Host Analytics cloud EPM platform for their enterprise performance management (EPM) processes.

The Decision to Leave Excel Was Easy

With lifesaving work to be done, Adaptive Biotechnologies has no time to waste with clunky, manual, and inaccurate spreadsheets. So, when it was time to improve the work and quality of life of their finance team, Senior Finance Director Richard Chaplin happily chose Host Analytics. He had previous experience with Host Analytics at his prior company, and was confident that the team of experts at Host Analytics were the right fit for his current finance department, as well.

For Chaplin and the professionals at Adaptive Biotechnologies, choosing a cloud-based EPM platform was a no-brainer. All of their critical applications are based in the cloud already, including their ERP software, payroll system, tax application, and expense reporting solution. While some companies are reluctant to choose cloud for critical applications, Adaptive Biotechnologies doesn't understand why any business would want the higher cost, more difficult implementation, and ongoing maintenance associated with an on-premises software product.

The Decision to Partner With Host Was Even Easier

Enterprise performance management

Before choosing Host Analytics, Adaptive Biotechnologies' finance department was strongly an Excel shop. They used it for preparing their monthly results, as well as budgeting. The spreadsheets were large and complex, and the finance team needed a tool to improve their efficiency and speed up the time it took them to close out the books each month and to do the reporting.

After looking at multiple EPM products, Adaptive Biotechnologies settled on Host Analytics, largely because the team of experts there are so fast and effective in getting results for an overworked finance department. According to Chaplin, the Host Analytics product is in perfect sync with the way accountants' minds work, making it an ideal fit for the finance team.

The Advantage of Cloud-Based EPM Software

Going cloud also helps the business react quickly to changes in the business. For example, when the company acquires another business or enters into a new partnership, it is very fast to get the finance team caught up with the merger. According to Chaplin, Host Analytics has greatly improved the time and efficiency with which they are able to do their monthly planning and reporting, and life in their finance department is much better, as a result.

The transition away from spreadsheets to a cloud-based EPM platform means that they can quickly and effectively transition from merely keeping track of the data to actually gleaning meaningful insight from their data. This, in turn, leads to better decision making within the company.

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