Continuous Planning – Transform Your Approach to Budgeting for 2018

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It’s that time of year.  Come September, many organizations will begin the budgeting and planning process for 2018.  What’s your approach going to be? 

Will your organization be slogging through a long, detailed budgeting process?  Are you still managing the business based on static budgets that are obsolete soon after approval?  Or are you ready to embrace “continuous planning”?

This will be the focus of an upcoming August 10th webinar sponsored by Host Analytics titled “Continuous Dynamic Planning:  The CFO’s 2018 Mandate.”

It’s not too late to change!  Don’t let your 2018 budget be a strategic anchor on your company’s ability to anticipate, respond, and react effectively to dynamic market conditions.  Learn how organizations of all sizes are transforming their financial planning processes.  See how they’re upgrading from Excel and outdated legacy planning software to cost-effective, cloud-based budgeting and planning solutions that fuel business agility by supporting dynamic, driver-based planning and rolling forecasts

Join us to discover how organizations that implement dynamic, continuous planning techniques can gain competitive advantage.  Learn how Finance can deliver strategic value by acting as trusted advisors across departmental lines—helping to evaluate and assess new growth opportunities and providing senior management with a dynamic financial plan that informs better decisions across the enterprise.

To learn more watch the webinar replay. 

Watch the Webinar Replay

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