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Well, it’s that time again.  Time for the quarter end close and reporting process.  How’s the process working for you?  Is it quick and painless?  Or is it stressful, consuming more Finance time and resources than you’d like to spend? 

An upcoming webinar from will feature a panel of experts highlighting best practices and the right tools for streamlining the quarter-end close and reporting process.

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Time for the Xanax 

The quarter-end close can be one of the most stressful times in the finance function, after the year-end close. From the moment it starts, enormous amounts of pressure plague finance teams as they work tirelessly throughout the process. A number of issues extend the quarterly close, which include delays with collecting financial and operating results from multiple systems and locations – especially if your organization is using spreadsheets and email. 

Then you have the complexities of intercompany reconciliations, top-side adjustments, and consolidating financial results following US GAAP or IFRS guidelines.  And finally, the task of formatting information for internal and external stakeholders. This in itself can bring challenges if you are using spreadsheets or inadequate, legacy software applications.

  • Creating financial statements and internal management reports and distributing the right reports to the right internal managers, at the right time
  • Manual preparation of board books and presentations which include reports, text, graphs and charts from different sources
  • Preparing SEC filings and other reports for external stakeholders
  • Lack of time and resources to produce forecasts for future periods

Keep Calm and Love Quarter End

Is there a way for finance teams to reduce the intensity of and to streamline the process for the quarterly close?  Absolutely!  To learn how, join Host Analytics and for a lively webcast discussion on April 20, 2016.   Join this candid panel discussion featuring senior finance executives and experts in finance to learn how to:

  • Shorten the quarter-end close with modern tools and processes,
  • Apply best practices in delivering timely and accurate financial and operational results, including key performance indicators (KPIs), to internal management,
  • Streamline the creation of board books and presentations,
  • Ensure the accuracy of financial statements and filings for external stakeholders,
  • Create forward-looking projections and forecasts and
  • Get your nights and weekends back by streamlining your quarterly reporting

With the right processes and tools you can surely reduce the time, resources and stress that are typically part of the quarter-end close and reporting process.  Register for the webinar to learn more. 

Register for the Webinar 

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John O'Rourke

John O’Rourke is Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Host Analytics. With a background in accounting and finance, John has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and 20 years of experience in EPM product marketing at Hyperion Solutions, Oracle and Host Analytics. He has worked with many customers and partners on financial reporting and planning initiatives and has spoken and written on many topics in EPM. John has also held positions in strategic marketing and product marketing at Dun & Bradstreet Software, Kenan Systems, and Decisyon. John has a BS degree in accounting from Bentley University and an MBA from Boston College.

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