Hilb Group Supports its Growth Strategy with Host Analytics

rapid growth2.jpgSince its founding in 2009, the Hilb Group has grown exponentially to become a Top 100 US insurance agency. Combining strategic acquisitions with investments in driving organic growth has paid off handsomely in recent years. 

With Host Analytics in place, Hilb Group now has a scalable and flexible financial consolidation and reporting platform for supporting aggressive growth plans in the years to come.

Increasing Data Volumes Were Crashing Excel

excel crash.jpgPrior to implementing Host Analytics, the Finance department at Hilb Group was dependent upon a custom database which was fed and accessed via a gaggle of Excel spreadsheets. Each new tuck-in deal added a new spreadsheet, which increased the likelihood of an Excel crash when consolidating results.  The resulting complexity and downtime limited Hilb Group’s ability to easily integrate acquired companies and gain value quickly.

Host Analytics Was the Ideal Solution

According to Rob Blanton, SVP and Controller at Hilb Group, “we were looking for a product that could collect data from disparate systems that also had an easy Excel interface and the ability to collect not just financial data but also statistical and transactional data. Host Analytics was the only provider that showed us they could do all that.”

Standardizing Reporting, Saving Costs and Scaling for Future Growth

Hilb Group Implemented Host Analytics for financial consolidation and reporting and is already reaping numerous benefits.  For example, pulling up a standardized view of financial results across agencies is now easier. High-level and detailed reports are also more accurate, giving managers flexibility in analyzing performance across the business. Hilb Group’s reporting costs and time to insight have improved dramatically as a result.

Longer term, Hilb Group will capture value by working with a scalable platform that can grow as fast as its ambitions, allow while supporting more profitable decision-making.

To learn more, read the full case study titled “Hilb Group Simplifies Financial Consolidations with Host Analytics.”

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Posted by on March 10, 2017
Stefanie Maragna

Stef Maragna is the VP, Corporate Marketing at Host Analytics. She has 20+ years’ experience in sales and marketing. Stef has a strong track record of success in sales, account management, brand and web management, lead generation, field marketing and events, customer programs, and communications. An accomplished events professional with expertise in both the corporate and meeting services environment, her expertise extends to company sales meetings, executive programs, user conferences, incentive programs, and trade shows. In her spare time, she utilizes her expertise providing advice for charitable organizations and boards

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