Host Analytics and Qlik:  Why Leaders Work Together


Host Analytics recently announced a strategic partnership with Qlik Technologies, a leader in visual analytics.  This is exciting news that will bring benefits to customers, partners and employees of both companies. 

This week I interviewed Host Analytics’ CEO Dave Kellogg to get his take on the announcement.  Here's what he had to say.

John:  Dave, can you talk about what was the driver behind this partnership?

Dave:  Well, as you know John, the enterprise software world is large.  According to Gartner, ERP is a $27B market.  Business Intelligence is a $16B market.  CRM is a $26B market.  And databases, that’s another $32B market thrown in.  In a world this large, it’s critical for successful vendors to be focused.  The mega vendors own the worst-of-breed, broad suites full of mediocre products, in a poorly integrated space.  That’s what they do.  For specialists the key is excellence.  And the key to excellence is focus.

Qlik Technologies is a leader in visual analytics - namely insight discovery, data visualization, and dashboards.  In fact, they invented and mainstreamed data discovery as a key subcategory of business intelligence (BI) and have built a company with a market valuation of $3B by focusing on excellence in this area.

Host Analytics is focused on enterprise performance management (EPM) – which includes planning and budgeting, financial consolidations, reporting and modeling.  We’ve built ourselves into a market leader by helping finance organizations transform their processes, modernize their systems via the cloud, deliver better EPM solutions, and save themselves a lot of money in the process.

So when we at Host Analytics went looking to beef up our discovery, visualization, and dashboard capabilities, we had the classical three strategic choices:

  • Make.  We could build our own.  But that seemed silly given that we’d be competing with established leaders and by definition offering our customers a second-class solution.
  • Buy.  We could find some small, unknown runner-up in the market and do in a “tuck in” acquisition.  Then we could try to force our customers to use a different, substandard product that our marketing department might declare “world class” simply because we bought it.  One of our competitors recently did this and we think another’s on the cusp.
  • Partner.  We could work with a market leader in the field, integrate and embed their technology with our own, and offer our customers truly world-class technology, integrated with their Host Analytics system.

 We decided on door #3 – the best strategic choice and certainly the one that I’d want us to pick if I were a Host Analytics customer.  Why would I want anything other than best-of-breed visual analytics with my best-of-breed cloud EPM platform?

John:  Great points Dave.  So when we decided to partner in this area, why did we specifically select Qlik?

Dave:  There were four key reasons why we decided to partner with Qlik:

Reason 1 – Qlik offers the best, self-service data discovery capabilities in the market with high ease of use, so our customers can leverage it quickly.

Reason 2 – They have powerful, interactive data visualizations that enable meaningful decisions.  This is a great complement to the financial and operational reporting capabilities we already provide.

Reason 3 – Qlik provide excellent dashboards and story-telling capabilities, on any browser or mobile device.  So this provides our customers with maximum flexibility and choice.

And Reason 4 – Qlik’s leverage of in-memory technology.  Customers are going to love the speed-of-thought response time they will get from this solution.

John:  Sounds like a great complementary solution.  What are the main benefits for existing Qlik and Host Analytics customers?

Dave:  We‘re excited to be announcing this partnership that goes beyond simply choosing Qlik as a supplier.  You see, markets leaders share focus as a value.  Qlik doesn’t want to be an EPM vendor any more than Host Analytics wants to be a BI vendor.  But by working together we can offer our customers the best of both worlds in an integrated solution.

Whether you’re a Qlik customer wondering which EPM solution to use – oh, I should mention that Qlik themselves uses Host Analytics for EPM – or a Host Analytics customer looking for more powerful data discovery, visualization and dashboards, you should get excited about this announcement.  In fact, even if you’re not a customer of either company you should be excited about this announcement.  Because, for the first time, you will have a leading cloud EPM vendor offering, as part of its product line, a cloud-based visual analytics solution as part of its offering.

John:  I agree, this partnership should create great opportunities for everyone.  How can customers, and partners, learn more?

Dave:  As you know John, we’ll be working together on some market education in the coming weeks about the power and possibilities enabled by this partnership.  We’ll start that by participating at the Qlik Qonnections conference in Orlando this week, then build on it at Host Analytics World a week later in San Francisco.  Then we’ll be running some webinars and events in the coming weeks and months.

John:  Thanks Dave.

So there you have the straight scoop from Dave Kellogg on the Host Analytics partnership with Qlik.  And if you were wondering why leaders like us work together, the answer is - so we can stay focused, and deliver maximum value for our customers.  I look forward to sharing more information about the fruits of this partnership in the near future. 

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Posted by on May 3, 2016
John O'Rourke

John O’Rourke is Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Host Analytics. With a background in accounting and finance, John has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and 20 years of experience in EPM product marketing at Hyperion Solutions, Oracle and Host Analytics. He has worked with many customers and partners on financial reporting and planning initiatives and has spoken and written on many topics in EPM. John has also held positions in strategic marketing and product marketing at Dun & Bradstreet Software, Kenan Systems, and Decisyon. John has a BS degree in accounting from Bentley University and an MBA from Boston College.

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