Host Analytics Fall ‘15 Release Improves Finance Productivity


As the end of calendar year 2015 approaches, what Finance department isn’t thinking about how to improve team productivity?  With that goal in mind, Host Analytics recently delivered the Fall ‘15 Release of our Cloud EPM Suite. 

This is the biggest release we've done in more than a year.  It includes over 70 new features and enhancements designed to improve the productivity of Finance users, enhance performance in planning and reporting, and provide more flexibility and capabilities for our customers.  Here are some of the key highlights.

 New Features to Make Finance More Productive

This release includes a number of great features to help make Finance more productive.  For example, in the Reporting module, the popular Report Collections feature is now integrated into the Cloud Scheduler. Users can schedule Report Collections to run – then manage, and track, the status on individual schedules.  As a result, users will save a lot of time and effort in production reporting.

Workforce.jpgIn the Workforce Planning area, we’ve added several new features to improve user productivity that were requested by customers. Administrators can now make HR reporting attributes read-only to prevent budget user modifications.  Budget users can add notes and attachments to employee positions for reference purposes. For example, add a requisition for employee related costs or make notes for new hires.  Both of these features will speed budget reviews by having assumptions and backup readily available.

Data security is a high priority for all companies in today’s environment.  In Security, IP-Based Login Restrictions for whitelist and blacklist users are now available to help administrators better control and restrict user access to applications.  This will allow our customers to restrict or grant access to their applications based on specific IP addresses.

Our Modeling module has a number of new enhancements in the Fall ‘15 Release as well.  These include viewing and reporting enhancements, such as scaling, locking cells, and negative number formatting.  We’ve also added some usability enhancements that are designed to improve user productivity in areas such as the Task Menu, Dimension Security, Notification Messages, and Backup and Restore.

 Key Performance Enhancements

We’ve included several performance improvements in this release.  In the Planning module, this includes optimizations for a number of key budgeting and workforce-planning data-entry templates.  Additionally, cube processing optimizations have been delivered to further improve performance.  These improvements will help speed the budgeting and reporting process for end users.

Increased Flexibility and Browser Choice

chrome.jpgWith increasing customer interest in Google Chrome, the Fall ‘15 Release provides support for all end-user functions in Consolidation and Reporting on Google Chrome for Windows and Mac (OS X).  For the Planning module, we already supported data entry via Chrome – we now support the design of our data-entry templates in Chrome.  In the Reporting module, additional Report Admin functions have been added under Google Chrome further extending support.

Based on the cross-browser work completed in this release, end users also now have the option of performing their jobs using Microsoft IE or Google Chrome on both Windows and Mac (OS X) platforms.  In addition, we've added support for Windows 10 for IE 11 (32-bit compatibility) and the new Microsoft Edge browser. 

Data integration is a critical function in any EPM suite.  To provide more flexibility for users managing data integration, Data Load Rules are now fully supported on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.  Security Admin is also now supported on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.  

For the upcoming Winter ‘16 Release, we plan to support the latest versions of Firefox and IE 64-bit (standard mode) on Windows, as well as Firefox and Safari for Mac (OS X).  Our goal is to provide support of ANY browser on ANY device so customers will have even more browser choices available.

 Our Commitment to Customer Success

At Host Analytics, we are committed to customer success and providing the best cloud-based EPM solution in the business.  I’m excited about the new capabilities we have delivered in the Fall ‘15 release and the benefits they will deliver to our customers through improved user productivity, increased performance, and more flexibility.   We’ll continue to build on this momentum in 2016, so stay tuned as we unveil what's coming in these game-changing releases.

If you are an existing customer and want to find out more, you can view the full release notes in our online help and discuss these new enhancements via our Customer Community.  You can also attend our December 16th Wednesday with the Experts session to get the full scoop.




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Posted by on December 9, 2015
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Bryan Katis

Bryan Katis is SVP of Product Management at Host Analytics. His team defines our product roadmap, making sure that we address the evolving needs of our customers and partners. Bryan has been in the EPM space for more than 15 years and has led the development of multiple generations of EPM product suites. Prior to joining Host Analytics, Bryan served as Vice President of Customer Success at Anaplan, responsible for all Professional Services, Support, and Training. Earlier in his career, Bryan spent more than a decade at SAP, leading product innovation and delivering customer success across the EPM, Portals, Business Intelligence, and Netweaver product lines. Bryan graduated with a BBA in Finance from University of Georgia and is an active cyclist in the Menlo Bike Club in support of The Canary Foundation, dedicated to early cancer detection research.

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