Host Analytics Modeling Empowers HEAT Software to Focus on Analysis


HEAT Software is a Cloud Service Management (CSM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software company that supports a variety of core enterprise functions to improve the efficiency of business processes.

It's the product of two companies, FrontRange and Lumension, that merged in February of 2015. HEAT was in search of a software package that could easily meet their needs for detailed headcount planning and modeling, but they were having difficulty finding a software application that would support their growing business model.

The Difficulties HEAT Software Was Encountering

HEAT Software struggled to find a software application that met their complex modeling needs. The business was growing rapidly, and just a year after launching, they had already established nine different locations around the world. With over 600 total employees and offices in California, Arizona, Germany, the UK, and Australia, they needed a unified software solution that could easily connect all current and future divisions of business.

Prior to the merger, both FrontRange and Lumension were utilizing similar software applications, which simplified the merger considerably. Both were relying on NetSuite for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), so integrating the transactional data was easy for the most part. However, each company was relying on different budgeting and planning systems, which made combining their financial planning processes difficult. They needed to adopt a unified system that would enable multi-dimensional data analysis, while reaching every corner of their organization.

HEAT Software Turned to Host Analytics' Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

HEAT Software recognized that Excel, while useful to their operation, wasn't capable of offering the multi-dimensional analysis their company needed. They adopted Host Analytics Modeling to provide the functionality and versatility their rapidly growing business required.

With Host Analytics, HEAT Software was able to:

  • Gain multi-dimensional data views, which in turn enabled them to easily convert different currencies for their reporting,
  • Access spreadsheet functions which offered the familiarity their team was accustomed to,
  • And simplify business processes, thus reducing the time spent on data mining and the budget cycle.

HEAT Software Thrived with a Cloud-Based Platform

Perhaps the greatest draw to Host Analytics' EPM software was the cloud-based nature of the application. Since HEAT Software manages multiple global offices, they needed a software application that could be accessed by all, scaled efficiently, have a low cost-of-ownership, and offer centralized data storage. The cloud-based EPM solution met all of these needs, thus supporting both their growth and globalization.

What's Next for HEAT Software?

HEAT Software has noticed numerous benefits from their cloud-based EPM platform, and they're continuing to innovate ways to improve their business processes. Moving forward, they hope to further automate their budget and planning process by using APIs to retrieve data from their NetSuite ERP. This way, they can integrate that data with their EPM platform and improve the accuracy of their budgeting and planning by ensuring it's congruent with the overall goals of their business.

HEAT Software grew incredibly rapidly over the course of their first year in operation. After merging companies, they saw that budgeting and planning wasn't as efficient as it could be. Adopting Host Analytics' Cloud EPM Platform enabled them to convert currencies more easily, connect all corporate offices, and streamline their budgeting and planning processes.

To learn more about planning and supporting fast business growth, read the HEAT Software case study.  

Read the Case Study

Posted by on June 2, 2016
Janette Kosior

Janette Kosior is Senior Director of Product Marketing with Host Analytics. Janette has more than 15 years of experience in the Enterprise Performance Management industry. Prior to joining Host Analytics, Janette was with Oracle where she led the Financial Close Product Management team. Prior to Oracle, Janette held various roles in product management and technical support with Hyperion Solutions. Janette has a BBA from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts.

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