• The worlds of Finance and EPM are rapidly changing.  Finance teams are shifting their focus from counting and scorekeeping, to adding strategic value to the business,  They are freeing up time to help managers consider the possibilities and make better decisions that can impact future results. 

    To gain a better sense of the pulse of the market in 2016, earlier this year Host Analytics sponsored a survey that was executed by Radius Global Research.  The survey was taken by roughly 250 Finance executives in North America.  The key areas of focus included the mission of Finance, key Finance and

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  • It’s nearly 2020 – what’s your enterprise data strategy?

    Managing data is hard.  Its diversity is growing in both nature and structure.  It is usually fragmented across numerous systems, and it multiplies continuously.   We as business users/data consumers continue to ask harder questions.  We expect better answers.  We bring new sources/types of data underneath our magnifying glass – so the enterprise has more types and quantity of data available for analytics than ever before. 

    Source: IDC/EMC Digital Universe Study 2012 Computer Sciences Corporation

    As depicted in the chart above,

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  • Change is inexorable, inevitable and guaranteed. Change is not something people like, though. And for those who like their change in nice, neat, bite-sized doses, the changes impacting finance and accounting today are particular disconcerting.

    The business world is going digital. It’s starting to use all of those digital breadcrumbs that you, your cell-phone, your social media posts and your sensor-enabled world are leaving behind. Your employer is likely using these digital artifacts to its benefit, too. Is this a fad? No, it isn’t as no one’s giving up their smartphones and businesses are

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  • Are you looking for a way to improve your analytic capabilities? EPM software is a valuable analytic tool, but in order for it to offer any intelligence and insight, the software needs key capabilities.

    It has to have access to data, the ability to integrate the data, and the power to analyze it for meaningful insights.  Here is how data integration and analysis is critical to a successful EPM software system. 

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    Useful Big Data Isn't Just Lots of Data, It's Lots of Types of Data

    Big data isn't just valuable because it's large. The value lies in

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