• In many organizations, the accounting and finance departments are still trying to process the news about upcoming changes to the revenue recognition guidelines announced by the FASB and IASB earlier this year.

    Of all the metrics used by investors to evaluate the performance of a business, revenue is perhaps the most important. Yet the revenue recognition guidelines under IFRS were different from those under US GAAP, a problem which needed to be addressed. The new guidelines are based on cooperation between the IASB and the FASB. The result was ASC 606 and IFRS 15, issued in May 2014 and

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  • Most of the time, when you see a customer testimonial video, the customer is so new to the product that there's not a whole lot they can say.

    For instance, they can't tell you how customer service levels fluctuate over time, or how the product has evolved in the years since inception. This isn't the case with Host Analytics' customer, NPR. They've been using Host Analytics' cloud-based EPM solution for nearly 7 years, and they're happier now than they were right after the software was implemented.

    Replacing More Than 30 Cumbersome & Complicated Spreadsheets

    According to Reggie Newsome,

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  • Today, planning a corporate budget is more challenging than ever, as there is greater pressure on business than ever before.

    With the fluctuating market, increased regulations, fickle consumers, and rapidly changing business models, managing business finances can present a lot of difficulties. In a recent webinar, The CFO Playbook on Budgeting: How CFOs Can Make Their Budgets More Effective, three panelists sat down to discuss the difficulties with budgeting, while providing tips to make budgets more effective.

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    Why Is Budgeting Such a

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  • Annual budgeting is a notorious pain in the business world, taking up bounteous quantities of time, while still producing unreliable results.

    In a recent webinar, Reducing the Pain of Annual Budgeting, panelists sat down to discuss the biggest problems with the annual budget and some ways to improve budget planning.

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    Budgets Are Simple and Yet So Complex

    In the webinar, Surya Mukherjee, the Senior Analyst at Ovum, noted the strange phenomenon of budgets. On the surface, they seem so simple. After all, a budget is simply a financial plan for a

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  • Financial agility is becoming a necessity in the business world, as the world of business continues to evolve and become even more dynamic.

    Today, there is rarely an aspect to business that isn't constantly fluctuating, evolving, and adapting to trends. Business tends to be one giant set of variables, and consistency is a rarity.

    It's on account of all these economic and industry variables that Finance teams require a high degree of agility. Whether the cost of oil is increasing or the demand for products is on the decline, Finance teams need to be able to respond immediately to ensure their

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  • Companies in the Life Sciences industry – such as Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Biotech companies, and Medical Device manufacturers – are facing major challenges.

    Increasing demand from aging populations, chronic/lifestyle diseases, treatment, and technology advances are driving growth.

    However, new regulatory requirements and efforts by governments, health care providers, and health plans to reduce costs are dramatically altering the health care demand and delivery landscape.  These forces are creating a number of challenges for Finance departments in Life Sciences companies:

    • Supporting

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