• For years now, there’s been much speculation on when finance would move fully to the cloud. The conversation is heating up again as investments in SaaS are growing by more than 20 percent per year, according to Forrester Research. 

    Based on insight from Forrester, some of the strongest drivers for this are:

    • The need for business agility
    • The speed of implementing software
    • The ability to focus valuable resources on other critical projects
    • The ability to reduce costs
    • The ability to deliver new functionality fast
    • The ability to regulate and automate how enterprise software is upgraded
    • The

    Posted by on December 29, 2016
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  • Demand for cloud-based applications is rapidly increasing in the office of Finance.  If you're considering cloud products or services, you'll hear a lot of related terms tossed around that can easily be confusing.

    Such is the case with the terms "cloud-based" and "SaaS". Both refer to software and/or related storage capacity that is in the cloud. And while most software vendors now claim to offer SaaS or cloud-based applications, not all of the deployment models are the same.  You can hear what an industry analyst and one cloud customer have to say about this in the recent webinar Navigating

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  • While global IT spending has been flat in 2016, one notable exception has been SaaS business software, which is expected to grow at close to 20% per year through 2020.

    SaaS EPM software is part of this growth, seeing rapid adoption now. With SaaS EPM software, businesses can get the financial management tools they need quickly, more affordably, and less reliance on IT. Plus, it's upgraded regularly, with no disruption to the business, so that businesses always have access to the most current and powerful features.

    Host Analytics recently sponsored a webinar in which customer Rick Odom,

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  • Finance software, and business software in general, has evolved significantly over time.

    Not too long ago, the only option for the enterprise needing EPM software or a similar application to manage their business finances had little choice apart from an expensive on-premises solution. Over the past five years, that has changed. Now more businesses are leveraging the more affordable and agile SaaS and Cloud-Based EPM products.

    Recently, Forrester VP, and Principal Analyst for Application Development and Delivery Professionals, Paul Hamerman, spoke at a webinar for finance professionals to

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  • 'Digital Disruption' is everywhere. Technology is changing the way business is done, rendering old legacy software obsolete.

    But with the disruption digital brings, there are many distinct advantages, as well. In the realm of finance, digital technologies are used to improve the growth and profitability of the business, moving away from the old batch processing into real-time analytical capabilities. Furthermore, as aspects of finance like forecasting are made easier by new digital technologies, the business can take advantage of more advanced capabilities such as predictive analytics. Then

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  • You can’t avoid them.  Everywhere you go, everything you do.  They are there, looming large on the consumer and B2B landscape. 

    Of course, I’m talking about Host Analytics cloud-based EPM customers.  Just look at how many of them I bumped into last weekend.

    Saturday Errands

    On Saturday, I headed over to Aspen Dental for my 6-month checkup.  While I was waiting, I perused the latest issue of my favorite magazine, Highlights.  Luckily, my checkup went well, and I had no cavities so was released within 30 minutes.  In the same shopping center, I noticed a Vitamin Shoppe. I stopped in to load

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