• The concept of KPIs, or key performance indicators, has been around for many years. I was first exposed to them in the late 1980s while working in a strategic planning team to create an EIS (executive information system) for my company’s CEO and senior management team. 

    This basically involved identifying the key metrics or KPIs the executives wanted to see on their computer screens when they logged on each day.  Once these were determined, we then started developing the reports and charts that would be displayed.  This included metrics related to Sales, Expenses, Employees, and Customers.

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  • Chief Financial Officers and other Finance Professionals continue to face challenges, both from outside forces like regulators and auditors and inside forces throughout the organization.

    2017 looks to be no different, with more challenges on the horizon that will demand you communicate, collaborate, and disrupt your role like never before.  Challenges ahead will proliferate, and for a finance organization to not only meet these challenges but to propel itself into the future, its leaders need to have a plan.

    To address this, Host Analytics partner Wipfli/Brittenford has released a new

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  • The key to operating a thriving enterprise is continuously managing performance.

    Measuring and monitoring business performance relies on a process of defining clear objectives, planning and budgeting, and evaluating progress at established intervals to ensure the company is keeping pace with their outlined objectives.

    In doing so, businesses can be more opportunistic when leveraging beneficial trends, while also having the ability to mitigate business risk and operate a more successful company. Analytics play a vital role in this mission, and a recent whitepaper by Ventana Research entitled "

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  • There are a lot of myths surrounding EPM software and performance management, which inevitably results in uncertainty among businesspeople and inaccurate information when finding a vendor.

    Before searching for an enterprise performance management (EPM) software solution for your company, it's essential to have all of the information up front. Here are the top myths regarding performance management, so you can have the knowledge you need to find the right solution for your company.

    Myth: EPM software is best for large organizations.

    Truth: While of course large organizations can experience

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  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a process designed to help organizations link strategy to plans and execution.  The main objective is to maximize performance and increase shareholder value. 

    A recent CFO.com webinar highlights current developments in EPM technology, the role CFOs should play in evaluating EPM solutions, and tips and recommendations for implementing EPM solutions.

    CFO Playbook on Performance Management

    Host Analytics recently sponsored a webinar on CFO.com titled “The CFO Playbook on Performance Management: Realizing ROI with EPM Improvements.”  Featured speakers

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