• Enterprise risk management (ERM) and enterprise performance management (EPM) are often discussed as separate topics.  But when you think about ERM in the broader, operational context, the linkages between the two become more evident. 

    I recently attended the Argyle CFO Leadership Forum in Dallas as a speaker and attendee.  Among the many great topics on the agenda was a session titled “Managing and Minimizing Enterprise Risk.”  The session was moderated by Bona Allen, Sr. VP and CFO of Kajima Building and Design, Inc.  The panelists included Hari Avula, CFO of Frito-Lay North America; Erik

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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!  In Irish folklore, a leprechaun is a type of fairy usually depicted as a little bearded man, wearing a coat and hat, who partakes in mischief.

    They are solitary creatures who spend their time making and mending shoes and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If captured by a human, the leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom.  So if you do catch one, you could inherit some Irish luck and avoid the chance of your company having problems.

    But chances of this happening are low, so you are probably better off

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