• The 2016 year-end closing is well under way, and many Finance executives are busy wrapping up the 2016 fiscal year and creating their wish list for 2017. 

    So what’s on their wish list when it comes to enterprise performance management (EPM) capabilities?

    To learn the answer, Host Analytics recently sponsored a Gatepoint Research survey designed to gauge the pulse of Finance executive’s challenges and needs in EPM.  This survey included over 100 responses from Finance executives in companies of varying sizes and a wide variety of industries in North America.  Here’s a summary of the results.

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  • It's 9 AM - do you know where your financial data is?

    If your firm is anything like hundreds of other companies, you have information stored in many different sources, including spreadsheets and multiple general ledgers. However, such an approach creates enormous headaches, and not just at year-end close. Read on to learn how enterprise performance management (EPM) software can make enterprise-wide planning and reporting more secure, consistent, and hassle-free.

    Spreadsheets: Not So Splendid

    There's a reason the business world relies upon spreadsheets. They can perform a variety of functions

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  • Now that the dust is settling on the 2016 year-end close, and the 2017 budget is finalized (hopefully), Finance teams should be thinking about potential improvement goals for 2017. 

    But what are some of the latest trends in Finance and enterprise performance management (EPM) that organizations can take advantage of this year?  To help answer that question, Host Analytics has invited Craig Schiff, CEO of BPM Partners, an advisory services firm that helps clients address their performance management challenges, to join us on a webinar titled: “5 Predictions That Will Transform the Finance

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  • As we put 2016 in the rearview mirror and enter 2017, it’s clear that the world is becoming more unpredictable all the time. 

    Just think of the recent changes we’ve seen, such as Great Britain’s planned exit from the European Union (Brexit), and the surprising election of Donald Trump for President of the US. These changes will have lasting impacts on the global economy, tax rates, interest rates, and the price of oil and other commodities. 

    The world has also become riskier.  Think about the recent news about hackers, the rise of ISIS and global terrorism, the increasing nuclear threat,

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  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise performance management (EPM) sound like very similar processes and systems on the surface.  Given this, the need to have both systems in place may seem redundant. 

    So what’s the difference between an ERP system and an EPM system?  What business problems do they solve?  Why do you need both?  How do they work together? 

    ERP – Optimized for Transaction Processing

    Let’s start with ERP systems.  Although the name makes it sound like a system that’s optimized for planning, in reality, an ERP system is designed and optimized for back-office

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  • While global IT spending has been flat in 2016, one notable exception has been SaaS business software, which is expected to grow at close to 20% per year through 2020.

    SaaS EPM software is part of this growth, seeing rapid adoption now. With SaaS EPM software, businesses can get the financial management tools they need quickly, more affordably, and less reliance on IT. Plus, it's upgraded regularly, with no disruption to the business, so that businesses always have access to the most current and powerful features.

    Host Analytics recently sponsored a webinar in which customer Rick Odom,

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