• In early July, Gartner and Financial Executives International (FEI) quietly released the results of their 2016 survey on Finance Technology. This was the 18th year of the FEI study and the 8th year this has been conducted in conjunction with Gartner. 

    The survey was taken by 230 FEI members, but the new twist for this year was the inclusion of 712 respondents to the Gartner Financial and Strategic CPM magic quadrant surveys.  The purpose of this year’s survey was to compare the views on Finance technology between Finance executives and IT executives.  Here are some of the key findings of the

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  • In part two of this series, I continue the discussion of finance transformation and modernization by taking a closer look at the avenues and resources available for charting the path forward.

    Transformation is a never-ending cycle, organizations can always find new ways to improve their business processes, but they must also look at modernizing the technologies and applications used to support the business processes to truly reap the benefits.

    Over the past 10 years, the IT landscape has been shifting to a new paradigm – cloud computing. This is a major technology platform shift, much like

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  • A recent virtual event, put together by Argyle Executive Forum partnered with Host Analytics, focused on the pressure on Finance organizations to fuel steady growth in a demanding and difficult environment.

    With a tumultuous economy and countless regulations, CFOs face a lot of obstacles when trying to grow their business. The event confronted these issues, offering a variety of tactics to manage Finance more effectively to support business growth.

    The Role of the CFO

    As pressure for business growth increases, businesses seek to improve financial management.

    Over the years, the role of the

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  • Transformation – it’s a term that has been used for many years to describe any changes being adopted in businesses to make them more effective and efficient.

    In the case of finance transformation, it’s often talked about in terms of re-engineering people, processes and systems to reduce costs, reduce cycle time, and make finance more strategic, ‘transforming’ it from a back-office scorekeeper function to a true business partner to the CEO and to the organization.

    This topic is so broad, I’ve divided the information into two articles. In this part, I touch on the traits of modern CFOs, then

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