• Finance transformation is an elusive topic that the industry has been talking about for years.  But what does it really mean?  Transformation from what to what?  And how do EPM solutions help support Finance transformation?

    Host Analytics recently sponsored a webinar on this topic featuring two industry experts:  Chris Iervolino, Research Director at Gartner, and John O’Rourke, VP of Product Marketing at Host Analytics.  In the webinar, Mr. Iervolino provided Gartner’s perspective on corporate performance management (CPM) solutions, how they support finance transformation, and some of the

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  • The worlds of Finance and EPM are rapidly changing.  Finance teams are shifting their focus from counting and scorekeeping, to adding strategic value to the business,  They are freeing up time to help managers consider the possibilities and make better decisions that can impact future results. 

    To gain a better sense of the pulse of the market in 2016, earlier this year Host Analytics sponsored a survey that was executed by Radius Global Research.  The survey was taken by roughly 250 Finance executives in North America.  The key areas of focus included the mission of Finance, key Finance and

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  • In part two of this series, I continue the discussion of finance transformation and modernization by taking a closer look at the avenues and resources available for charting the path forward.

    Transformation is a never-ending cycle, organizations can always find new ways to improve their business processes, but they must also look at modernizing the technologies and applications used to support the business processes to truly reap the benefits.

    Over the past 10 years, the IT landscape has been shifting to a new paradigm – cloud computing. This is a major technology platform shift, much like

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  • The business environment for 2016 is a challenging one for many companies and their Finance departments. 

    Slow global economic growth and a number of political and economic risks make it difficult to identify and pursue growth opportunities.  While innovation is a key focus for many companies, cost and margin pressures make it challenging to invest in innovation.

    This is the finding and subject of a recent Hackett Group survey and report titled “The CFO Agenda: Target Five Key Transformation Initiatives to Move Finance Forward.”  The report’s key findings include the following implications

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  • Transformation – it’s a term that has been used for many years to describe any changes being adopted in businesses to make them more effective and efficient.

    In the case of finance transformation, it’s often talked about in terms of re-engineering people, processes and systems to reduce costs, reduce cycle time, and make finance more strategic, ‘transforming’ it from a back-office scorekeeper function to a true business partner to the CEO and to the organization.

    This topic is so broad, I’ve divided the information into two articles. In this part, I touch on the traits of modern CFOs, then

    Posted by on March 29, 2016
  • Most Finance departments want to play a more strategic role in their organizations.  And in many organizations, upper management wants the Finance department to step up and lead in terms of strategy.

    But this role for Finance isn't becoming reality in most businesses. The key to becoming a strategic leader is "Finance Transformation". What is it? Why aren't Finance departments embracing it? More importantly, what can be done about it?

    What is Finance Transformation?

    The Finance department must learn to move beyond simply processing transactions and delve into planning and forecasting.

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