• The role of the Chief Financial Officer and its recent evolution has been a topic of fascination within the business community for years now.

    Catalyzed by a fast-paced, digitally enabled marketplace, the modern CFO has grown from financial expert and bookkeeper into a much more strategic, dynamic player on the executive team, and an advisor to the entire business.

    Given these changes, how has the CFO’s relationship with the CEO changed? Which other executives are CFOs collaborating the most closely with? What will the CFO of the future be most focused on? And what impact do all of these

    Posted by on March 10, 2016
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  • As the role of the CFO shifts from core accounting responsibilities to more strategic initiatives, one of the emerging areas of focus is helping organizations to drive revenue growth. 

    With that in mind, the CFO Leadership Council’s NYC chapter hosted a panel discussion recently on the topic of “Managing High Growth.” The moderator of the panel was Gretchen Tibbits, COO of Little Things. 

    The panelists included several executives with experience in high-growth companies: Steve Cakebread – CFO of Yext, Michael Cohen – CFO of Birchbox, and Daniel Lang – Partner at Goodwin Proctor.  Here’s a

    Posted by on February 23, 2016
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