• Celebrating its 40th year in business, Augusta Sportswear today sells more than 800 styles of activewear for teams, coaches, and athletes of all ages. Selling through a massive distribution network, such as this, leaves a lot for the Augusta Sportwear finance team to track in order to accurately measure performance. Until Host Analytics, Excel was the only tool they had.

    "We were using an old system that was very manual and prone to errors,” said Mark Brown, Augusta Sportswear Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. “We wasted a lot of time on activities that didn’t add value.”


    Posted by on October 19, 2017
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  • Most finance professionals know that budgeting, planning, modeling, reporting, and analytics are all related business processes.

    But are you using the tools that allow you to perform all of those tasks efficiently? The right tools can simplify and unify these processes so you can execute the management cycle on a repeatable basis as needed for your company and industry.

    Just what is the right tool for the job? Certainly not spreadsheets, email and manual processes - it's corporate performance management (CPM) software, also known as enterprise performance management (EPM). In fact, the cloud

    Posted by on March 16, 2017
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