• What is the primary goal of EPM software? Sure, it streamlines your planning processes and makes the financial close way easier.

    It speeds up the time it takes to issue financial and management reports and helps assure that the data in the reports is accurate and sound. Enterprise performance management (EPM) software allows you to do more work with fewer finance employees and can drive cost savings across the organization. But, really, what is the inevitable goal? The primary purpose of EPM software, and most of the systems business invests in, is to increase revenue and improve the profits

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  • If revenue planning is difficult, inefficient, time-consuming, and often inaccurate, then enterprise performance management (EPM) software is for you.

    EPM software gives you power and flexibility to play around during the revenue planning process to see how the changes you might make could affect your bottom line. It also gives you the ability to be more accurate, because unlike cumbersome and unwieldy spreadsheets, EPM software is smart and easy to use. Here are several ways that EPM software can improve your revenue planning processes.

    Allows for Collaboration Among Departments

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