• Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a process designed to help organizations link strategy to plans and execution.  The main objective is to maximize performance and increase shareholder value. 

    A recent CFO.com webinar highlights current developments in EPM technology, the role CFOs should play in evaluating EPM solutions, and tips and recommendations for implementing EPM solutions.

    CFO Playbook on Performance Management

    Host Analytics recently sponsored a webinar on CFO.com titled “The CFO Playbook on Performance Management: Realizing ROI with EPM Improvements.”  Featured speakers

    Posted by on November 5, 2015
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  • The adoption of cloud-based EPM solutions is clearly accelerating in the market. 

    Many organizations are replacing spreadsheets or legacy EPM applications with cloud-based solutions.  In fact, in a recent blog article, I called out 2015 as the “tipping point” in the adoption of cloud-based EPM solutions.

    Customers are finding that cloud-based EPM solutions offer a number of advantages over the on-premises approach.  These include:

    • Speed of deployment
    • Autonomy from IT
    • Innovation is faster
    • No hardware to set up or upgrade
    • TCO is lower
    • Security is better

    What about the ROI of cloud-based

    Posted by on August 25, 2015
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