• For most people, the topic of data security would seem like something of primary interest to the CIO of an organization, right?  But increasingly, the topic of data security is being added to the agenda of the CFO, and for good reasons.  

    A recent CFO.com article addresses this topic, starting with the definition of “data security” vs. “data privacy.”  Data privacy is defined as an individual’s ability to control the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.  Closely related, data security is defined as security measures that companies have in place to protect that data once

    Posted by on October 8, 2015
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  • Security is no longer a side note: it is the primary concern of all businesses that hold their customers' data.

    What are the requirements for a solid, reliable security plan in this era of data breaches, corporate espionage, and cyber terrorism? Here are the security essentials that must be in place for your customers to trust you. 

    Download the Security Whitepaper Immediate Updates When Vulnerabilities are Discovered Your customers are depending on you to safeguard the sensitive information they entrust you with. Are you doing your part?Do the IT staff and vendors issue

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