What’s the Best EPM Solution for NetSuite ERP Customers?

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One of the biggest technology acquisitions of 2016 was the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite.  This deal brought a market-leading, cloud ERP application suite into the Oracle portfolio, and provides global distribution channels and more R&D support for NetSuite. 

But this deal also creates new opportunities for NetSuite customers looking for enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions that can complement and integrate with NetSuite ERP.

End of the Road for Adaptive and NetSuite?

NetSuite has already notified its customers that as of March 1, 2017, the company will no longer be reselling Adaptive Planning, and NetSuite will transition support for the product over to Adaptive Insights.  In doing this, it’s clear Oracle would rather sell its own cloud-based EPM products to NetSuite customers – but is this the best choice for these customers?

While Oracle has been investing heavily in moving its Hyperion EPM applications to the cloud, these are mostly the same old on-premises applications, just deployed in the cloud.  That means they are still complex to configure and maintain, and they carry a higher cost of ownership vs. modern, unified, cloud EPM suites.

On the other hand, many NetSuite customers who selected NetSuite Financial Planning (Adaptive Planning) have found the product difficult to use, lacking in functionality and not having the scalability needed to support their growth.   

Host Analytics is Becoming a Popular Choice

Over 100 NetSuite customers have chosen Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform for cloud-based planning, modeling, reporting, and analysis.  Why?  Because Host Analytics provides a complete EPM solution that integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, provides robust functionality, as well as the scalability and performance needed by fast-growing NetSuite customers.  The advantages of our platform include:

Host Analytics is an EPM platform that can address the needs NetSuite customers have today, and that you won’t outgrow as your organization grows in size and complexity. 

To learn more check out this customer video

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Posted by on March 28, 2017
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John O'Rourke

John O’Rourke is Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Host Analytics. With a background in accounting and finance, John has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and 20 years of experience in EPM product marketing at Hyperion Solutions, Oracle and Host Analytics. He has worked with many customers and partners on financial reporting and planning initiatives and has spoken and written on many topics in EPM. John has also held positions in strategic marketing and product marketing at Dun & Bradstreet Software, Kenan Systems, and Decisyon. John has a BS degree in accounting from Bentley University and an MBA from Boston College.

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