Will You Be Trick-or-Treating or Copying-and-Pasting This Halloween?

Excel Hell.pngIt’s mid October.  At most companies, planning season is in full swing.  Finance is hip deep in budgets.  And, for many companies, that means you’re hip deep in Excel spreadsheets, too.  Mailing them back and forth.  Making new versions.  Sync’ing up different versions.  Figuring out who’s approved what.

Then trying to tie it all together into a Frankenstein of a budget.

Formulas get over-written.  Mistakes get made.  Versions get mixed up.  Targets get lost.  The board and senior execs see the roll-up and then change the targets.  So, you need to go back and do it all over again.  And in just a few days, you’ll need to start on the October close and monthly reporting cycle — and figure out how to do that while still moving the planning process forward.

So, it’s no surprise that many financial professionals end up spending Halloween not with family and friends, but trapped in Excel Hell.

For this year it’s probably too late. But you don’t have to repeat the insanity next year.  By using an enterprise performance management (EPM) system like Host Analytics, you can make planning and budgeting a breeze and spend Halloween with friends and family instead of with spreadsheets and PowerPoint. At Host Analytics, we do this in three ways:

  • We can automate your planning and budgeting process, help with scenarios and versions, make roll-ups a snap, eliminate errors due to problems like overwritten formulas or data, and make reporting off the budget quick and easy.
  • We can reduce the time it takes to go through each budget cycle, reduce reporting time, and help people meet budget targets more quickly.
  • We can tie the budget to targets in your long-range financial model.  We can tie operational models (such as bookings waterfalls, consulting utilization, or inventory management) to the budget, to keep everyone on the same page and eliminate the nightmare of dueling models between finance and operations.

In short, with Host Analytics, we can help you get your Halloween back — and that’s not to mention that we can help get your Thanksgiving back, too.

Download our Buyer’s Guide to EPM to take the first step now.  And then make moving to EPM and Host Analytics your New Year’s resolution.

Buyer's Guide to EPM


Posted by on October 17, 2017
Topics: EPM
André Lafayette

André Lafayette has more than 20 years of combined experience in accounting and marketing across B2B and B2C companies, giving him a unique understanding of the challenges and needs of Host Analytics’ customers. His experience spans both tech and consumer packaged goods, from Intuit to financial software startup Pillar Corporation, whose products eventually became Hyperion, to consumer package goods manufacturers, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and Nancy’s Specialty Foods. As vice president of product marketing at Host Analytics, André is chartered with driving the overall strategic lead gen efforts and go-to-market strategy for the company’s cloud EPM solutions. This includes spearheading the company’s Oracle Hyperion Migration Program, which gives customers an easy path to move off of legacy Hyperion EPM.

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