• Shane Riddle, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Planar, likes to describe his employer as hidden in plain sight. “You may have never heard of us but I guarantee you’ve seen our stuff,” Riddle said.

    Acquired by China’s Leyard in 2015, Planar makes video screens you see in settings ranging from retail and hospitality to museums, higher education and healthcare. Some of Planar’s specialized large-scale monitors are used by NASA to track everything from satellites to space debris. Planar and its parent serve a vast and expanding global customer base.

    The grind of global ambition

    Posted by on November 10, 2017
  • In 2004, P&S Logistics started a flatbed trucking business with 20 owner-operators and 35 trailers. Today, after 13 years in business and a 2012 merger with Grayson Mitchell, the company operates a fleet of 1,000 trucks in over 14 locations across the United States.

    "When I started in the Spring of 2013, we had six individual companies as part of the P&S brand. Now there are more than 20,” said Dwight Lloyd, Financial Controller at P&S Logistics. “We couldn’t have achieved that kind of growth without Host Analytics."

    Frozen out of insights, waiting for a jumpstart

    But in the Winter of 2013,

    Posted by on November 3, 2017
  • The role of the CFO has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Budget cycles have gotten shorter, margins of error tighter, and the need to automate the budgeting, planning and analysis processes is exponentially greater. The business world is accelerating and CFOs must be more proactive and forward thinking to keep their companies ahead of the curve.

    Host Analytics CFO Ian Charles is in a unique position to witness these changes. His job as the head of finance and corporate development for a SaaS provider of financial performance management software gives a first-hand view of the

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  • An aggressive acquisition strategy by Foundation Building Materials (FBM) came with a cost: the company found itself saddled with siloed applications running in a fragmented IT environment that provided little visibility. Productivity suffered as the FP&A team had to manually access, import and export data across hundreds of Excel spreadsheets to measure and match daily sales to inventory at more than 200 branches.

    Too much time spent, too few insights

    Given the breadth and diversity of their operations, FBM's reporting requirements accedlerated, and Excel became a bottleneck obstructing

    Posted by on October 26, 2017
  • A recent survey by CFO Research, sponsored by Host Analytics, found that while more than half — 54 percent — of respondents still use spreadsheets/email for their budgeting process, only 6 percent are “very satisfied” with their current system. 

    If you’re one of them, it means your Halloween season is filled with spreadsheets, email, and manually stitching them all together — a 'Frankenstein' approach to the budgeting process.The survey also showed that more companies are feeling the pressure to provide better tools and technology to support decision-making, 74 percent over the next 12 to 18

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  • Celebrating its 40th year in business, Augusta Sportswear today sells more than 800 styles of activewear for teams, coaches, and athletes of all ages. Selling through a massive distribution network, such as this, leaves a lot for the Augusta Sportwear finance team to track in order to accurately measure performance. Until Host Analytics, Excel was the only tool they had.

    "We were using an old system that was very manual and prone to errors,” said Mark Brown, Augusta Sportswear Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. “We wasted a lot of time on activities that didn’t add value.”


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