• What trusted sources do Finance and IT executives rely on for vendor product evaluations? The answer is typically through their peers; and analysts that specialize in their market segment. Two recent reports released by Gartner, Inc. bring these worlds together in the Critical Capabilities for Cloud Financial Corporate Performance Management Solutions[1] (FCPM); and the Critical Capabilities for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions[2] (SCPM).

    This year, Host Analytics was recognized in both the FCPM and SCPM Critical Capabilities reports, right on the heels of also being named

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    Host Analytics is growing and expanding, but our vision stays the same: to give finance professionals what they need to drive peak performance at their organizations. Our focus on customer success and product innovation are key to realizing that vision, so we are excited to report two newly created roles for current executives in our customer success and product organizations, and a new addition to the executive team to strengthen our overall brand, marketing and go-to-market strategy.

    Alison Holmlund, Chief Customer Officer

    For the past five years, Alison Holmlund has led our Customers

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  • Well, summer is coming to an end soon – vacations are winding down, kids will be going back to school, and many of you in Finance will be starting the planning and budgeting process for 2018. 

    This is also a good time to evaluate your approach to budgeting, planning, and reporting, and to think about how you can improve. Are you struggling through these processes with spreadsheets and email?  Is your organization held back by outdated, legacy budgeting or reporting applications?  If so, maybe it’s time for a new approach.

    Host Analytics recently sponsored a series of webinars focused on

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  • Driver-based planning is an approach to planning and management that is focused on identifying an organization's key business and value drivers and then creating business plans and budgets based on these key drivers. 

    The goal of driver-based planning is to focus business plans on the factors that are most critical to driving success, then creating mathematical models that enable managers to run scenarios based on these drivers to understand the impact on projected business results.

    For example, driver-based planning can be useful in long-range strategic planning, where Finance executives

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  • Making the commitment to reduce reliance on Excel, or legacy applications, and moving to packaged enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions for processes such as budgeting, planning, financial consolidation, and reporting is a step in the right direction. 

    However, some organizations fall into the trap of selecting an EPM solution that only meets their immediate needs and doesn’t support future requirements.  By thinking about current and future needs when evaluating and selecting EPM solutions, organizations can avoid costly replacements and get a higher ROI from their EPM

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  • As the final days of summer tick away, many organizations are beginning to think about their planning and budgeting for the 2018 fiscal year. What's your approach?

    Is your organization still plagued by a long, detailed, and painful annual budgeting process?  Do you spend most of the year explaining variances against a budget that was obsolete shortly after it was approved?  If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then it may be time to embrace the concept of “continuous planning.”

    This was the focus of a recent webinar sponsored by Host Analytics titled “Continuous Dynamic Planning: The

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