• In the accounting world, financial consolidation is the process of combining financial data from several subsidiaries or business entities within an organization, and rolling it up to a parent company for reporting purposes.

    Financial Consolidation in the Accounting World

    By itself, the term “consolidation” simply means to put things together.  But in the accounting world,  “financial consolidation” is a well-defined process that includes several complexities.  

    Here are the key steps in the financial consolidation process:

    • Collecting trial balance data (e.g., Assets, Liabilities, Equity,

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  • One of the final sessions at Host Analytics World 2017 in Nashville was a panel discussion focused on how to improve the performance of the Finance organization. 

    Moderated by Andre Lafayette, VP of Product Marketing at Host Analytics, the panelists included two CFOs and three Finance experts from leading system integration firms:

    Here’s what they had to say

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  • LT Apparel may not be a household name, but its clothing lines are present in many households. 

    Think about children’s clothing brands such as Healthtex, French Toast, Adidas, Carhartt, and Lee Uniforms.  Then add them up – family-owned LT Apparel’s clothing sales total well over $500M per year.

    Hitting the Wall with Excel

    Prior to implementing Host Analytics, the Finance department at LT Apparel was managing budgeting and reporting using Excel.  The Excel files were getting unwieldy.  They were error prone, and the budgeting process was dragging on for five months.  According to Lee

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  • One of the more amusing aspects of attending Host Analytics World the past few years has been the presence of our company mascots Tic & Tie. 

    For those who haven’t seen or met the duo, they are live characters representing one of the most cherished tasks of accountants and auditors. But while Ticking and Tying out numbers may be seen as mundane tasks, our mascots are actually fun characters who hang out at our user conferences spreading goodwill, high-fiving attendees and having their picture taken over the course of 3 days.

    While they are mostly assigned to spread goodwill at the

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  • In recent years, the FP&A function has clearly become the “cool” group within the Finance department.  FP&A is forward-looking and has become a key business partner. 

    Organizations are increasingly relying on this team to provide the business with the information needed to remain agile – and to react quickly to changes in the business environment.  So what does the day-to-day role of FP&A look like in today’s landscape, and how has it evolved?  How can the executive team best support and invest in the FP&A function?

    This was the focus of a recent Argyle/CFO webinar sponsored by Host

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  • Whether you're a new or expert user of the Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform, there's always something to be learned when customers get together. 

    Such was the case during the fireside chat with customers held on day 1 of Host Analytics World 2017 in Nashville.  

    Moderator Ron Baden, SVP of Services, gathered a panel of five finance executives in various stages of using Host Analytics to transform their organizations' planning, consolidation, and reporting capabilities.  The panelists included:

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