• When Brad Tingey joined Golden State Foods (GSF) in 2013, the company had just completed three acquisitions, including two international deals. Consolidating results would be his first and biggest challenge as the new corporate controller at GSF, a multinational food service provider serving 125,000 restaurants in 60 countries.

    “We have a number of subsidiaries internationally as well as joint ventures that don't use the same ERP, so we didn't have a consolidated view,” Tingey says. “And as we acquired the three new companies, we also needed to bring them together.” Faced with that challenge,

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  • New Self-Service Dashboards and Modeling Features Empower Everyone in the Organization

    In today’s busy business environment, not only top-level executives, but line of business managers in marketing, supply chain, and operations, are all in constant need of timely, accurate information about the business. Competition is tougher, customers are more demanding, and the economics of many industries have become increasingly complex. Furthermore, the variables that can spell success or failure to a business—supply costs, interest rates, consumer trends, government regulations—can change rapidly,

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  • CFO Research in partnership with Host Analytics recently conducted a survey of financial professionals. The result of the survey is the eBook - What CFOs Need to Know about Enterprise Performance Management. This eBook explores a number of issues for CFOs to consider about cloud-based EPM solutions including:

    • Why finance needs to phase out spreadsheets
    • The benefits of cloud-based technologies to streamline planning and financial reporting
    • The advantages of partnering with IT and business leaders to transform EPM
    • A look at the future of EPM solutions

    Below is the introduction of the eBook -

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  • According to a July 2017 survey by CFO Research and Host Analytics, finance departments are under mounting pressure to deliver budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BPF) data more rapidly, and to integrate the processes involved in BPF across the enterprise.

    Nearly 75 percent of senior finance executives that responded to the survey say they face rising pressure to more tightly integrate BPF processes and to deliver financial data faster; while 79 percent say that the demands on them to improve collaboration among key decision makers are increasing. It’s clear from the survey that finance

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  • Shane Riddle, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Planar, likes to describe his employer as hidden in plain sight. “You may have never heard of us but I guarantee you’ve seen our stuff,” Riddle said.

    Acquired by China’s Leyard in 2015, Planar makes video screens you see in settings ranging from retail and hospitality to museums, higher education and healthcare. Some of Planar’s specialized large-scale monitors are used by NASA to track everything from satellites to space debris. Planar and its parent serve a vast and expanding global customer base.

    The grind of global ambition

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  • In 2004, P&S Logistics started a flatbed trucking business with 20 owner-operators and 35 trailers. Today, after 13 years in business and a 2012 merger with Grayson Mitchell, the company operates a fleet of 1,000 trucks in over 14 locations across the United States.

    "When I started in the Spring of 2013, we had six individual companies as part of the P&S brand. Now there are more than 20,” said Dwight Lloyd, Financial Controller at P&S Logistics. “We couldn’t have achieved that kind of growth without Host Analytics."

    Frozen out of insights, waiting for a jumpstart

    But in the Winter of 2013,

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